Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your significant other


Bree Soule, Online Editor in Chief

Love is in the air and money is being spent as Valentine’s Day gets closer and closer. While some may have already purchased gifts, others are doing last minute shopping to get their significant others a nice gift for the upcoming holiday. Below are five gift ideas to show someone how much you love them this Valentine’s Day.

Teddy Bear:

A traditional Valentine’s Day gift would be either a mini or average sized teddy bear, however, jumbo bears have become very popular for those willing to pay the higher price. Click here to find a 3.9 ft “Giant Teddy Bear” for under $60.


Flowers are a highly popular Valentine’s Day gift. According to Rio Roses, “The most popular flowers by far are roses, at 84 percent of total flowers purchased.” Roses can be bought from a flower shop— for a slightly higher price— or from a local grocery store, such as VGs, for a cheaper alternative. 

Valentine’s Day Card:

A sweet and simple gift is a Valentine’s Day Card. Cards can be purchased at the store filled out or blank, in which you could write your own love message. Cards are an inexpensive way to show someone you love and think about them. Another alternative is making your own homemade card. This can add a personal touch to a classic gift.


One of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts are chocolates. Around the holiday, stores will begin to put out heart shaped boxes of chocolates with a variety of flavors, including caramel, coconut, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and numerous others. Chocolates pair well with flowers and a card for the perfect, inexpensive Valentine’s Day Gift for your significant other.

Paint by Numbers:

Recently popularized on social media is a custom paint by numbers painting activity. This activity is a good way to bond with your significant other while making a keepsake in the process. You can purchase these online on websites such as Amazon and can customize it with a couples photo or another photo of your choice. This can be purchased as a gift for any occasion, or just as a fun activity to bond with your partner.