How to apply to colleges and find scholarships


April Carr, Writer

Applying to a college may seem daunting, but with the right help and information, it’s easier than it seems. The first step to applying to college, according to the Education Planner, is to know the deadlines for the colleges students may apply to.

 Missing application deadlines would not only get the student off on the wrong foot, but possibly lower their chance of admission; however, students can apply for scholarships before they even apply for college— which can start as early as freshman year.

If a student is interested in a specific college, applying early would be beneficial. According to Best Colleges, this can increase admission chances. Demonstrating interest by visiting the college campus, scheduling interviews, and participating in events may also help the student stand out— along with writing an essay that stands out from other participants.To do this, make the essay unique and show why that individual should get accepted. Some scholarships require essays and it is significant to not shy away from the ones that do because students can reuse the essay for other scholarships depending on the rules.

Consulting with a counselor or advisor is also helpful for students, according to College Ave. Not only is this helpful for applying to colleges, but also for finding scholarships and writing college essays. A counselor can help find a college and scholarship that fits for the specific student.

According to Great Schools, in high school it is important to uphold grades and have academic success; however, getting an A in a standardized class is less impressive then getting a B in an advanced class. Taking advanced and challenging classes shows that students have discipline and can take rigorous courses. However, it is important to not overdo it and still take classes that an A or B grade will still be achievable in. According to the Princeton Review it is also a good idea to take both the SAT and the ACT. Depending on the college and the score students could get a scholarship. Letter recommendations from teachers are also helpful when applying to a college.

 According to Best Colleges, letters of recommendation go deeper about a student than what a letter grade shows. It is a great way to show the characteristics, discipline, and work ethic of a student.

Applying to college can get stressful at times, but staying on top of applications and scholarship deadlines will make all the difference.