NHS Hosts the first blood drive of the year

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Writer

On Wednesday, Oct. 15, National Honors Society held the first blood drive of the year. The chairmen of the blood drive, seniors Neelesh Peddriddy and Sabrina Cleis, hoped to make it as successful as previous years.

“We had 97 people originally signed up,” Cleis said. “They were just from our school.”

Despite the number, many drawbacks occurred because of health reasons, like sickness.

“Lots of people are getting turned down,” Peddriddy said. “We are hoping to get at least 65 pints, we have 55.”

As the day went on, some people gave blood without any incidents and some had minor incidents.

“A couple people have passed out,” Cleis said. “But nothing too bad!”

For anyone who did not get a chance to donate blood this time and would like to, there will be another blood drive late Jan. 2015.