Winter storms devastate Texas


April Carr, Writer

The sunny state of Texas was hit with a winter storm on Feb. 13.The winter storms devastated numerous unprepared families all across the state.

Power outages vastly occurred throughout the state, leaving numerous families with no heat or available food. According to The New York Times, water systems were disrupted causing people to have bursted water pipes and taps that had run dry. 

Swartz Creek High School almuna April Black currently resides in Sealy, Texas and posted on Facebook on Feb. 18 about a local walmart. “The [grocery] store was pretty much empty as far as food goes,” Black said. “No produce, no frozen food, no meat, no milk, no cheese, no eggs. Nothing. It’s crazy!”

According to NPR, along with food being scarce and shelters not being reliable, electricity bills jumped drastically. People were paying as much as $5,000 or more for electricity. On top of facing a winter storm which the Texans were severely unprepared for, they are now being charged drastically for electricity needed to get by.

According to CNN, it could take months for Texas to recover from economic and financial issues. Roofs of houses are falling in and some cannot afford the repairs. A relief fund is in the works to assist people in need. The mayor of Texas is also encouraging people to document and take pictures of all the damage in the instance that they could be reimbursed.

As well as financial and economic issues, there are major long term effects— such as losing a loved one for some families. According to the Austin American-Statesman, at least 86 people died in the Austin area including an 11 year-old boy, Cristian Pineda, who struggled to stay alive with no power or heat— ultimately dying from what his family believes to be hypothermia. 

Numerous resources are available to help Texas out during this time of crisis. According to the New York Times, the Houston Food Bank is collecting donations to help feed anyone who needs it. An organization to end homelessness, Front Steps, is holding a winter blanket drive. To learn more, visit