Students gain direct information from visiting colleges


Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor

Over the past few weeks, admission counselors from colleges across Michigan have been visiting students during SRT answering questions about what they’re looking for in a student, what life at college is like, programs and majors they offer, and any other questions students come up with. These opportunities give students the chance to find out more about the colleges and universities that visit and compare them to each other.

“It’s a good way to see if it’s worth actually going to visit the school,” senior John Lloyd said. “You don’t have to take the weekend off or miss school; they come to you.”

By coming to FHS, colleges deliver information directly to the students. The visiting counselors will often hand students pamphlets containing pricing, majors, and an assortment of other information about the school.

“You can get more direct information that isn’t second hand from teachers,” junior Brenna Hatch said. “I learned about the different majors they have [at SVSU] and their class sizes. They tell you what you need to get in, when you should apply, and other information you need to know about when applying to their college.”

Because there are so many schools that visit, students are able to compare the different schools to one another, allowing students to find the one that best fits them.

“I went to the SVSU visit and it made me want to go way more than I thought I wanted to go,” junior Ali Armbruster said. “It gave me perspective on what I want in a school.”

University of Detroit Mercy along with Western Michigan University will be visiting  Oct. 22. Colleges will continue to visit through the rest of October and into November. They will pick up again in the spring.