Inside Scoop: Steven Karr


Bree Soule, Online Editor in Chief

Sitting in the car driving through 45 states, all Canada provinces— except for Yukon—and through the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Steven Karr developed his love for traveling at a young age as he took trips like this with his family a lot growing up. 

“I honestly don’t remember a summer that we spent at home,” Karr said. “We would always leave the day after my dad finished the school year and we wouldn’t be back until August. Two of those summers were spent in Europe where my dad took delivery of a Volkswagen Camper and we spent two months in 1983 and 1985 traveling around much of Europe. I have so many memories from those trips.”

Karr is the oldest son of two and grew up with his mom, dad and younger brother. When he was in high school, he “attempted” playing the violin and football. In 1984, he graduated and went on to attend Eastern Michigan University (EMU). 

“I still have the travel bug, but have not done any two month trips since after my freshman year in college,” Karr said. 

While in college, Karr realized he had a liking for mathematics that he “never recognized in high school.” After this realization, he made the decision to major in mathematics, leading him to his career today as a high school math teacher. 

“While there have been times I questioned that decision, I know it was the best career choice for me and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Not only did he find a career he loved at EMU, but also met his wife and numerous great friends. He met her in 1985 and they started dating a year later. He then graduated college in 1989, earning himself a master’s degree, and married his wife— whom he now has two sons with. 

He got his first job as a substitute teacher in his hometown, Saline, and in Ann Arbor for one year before landing a job at Grand Blanc High where he worked for five years. Although it seems like he had a solid career from the outside, Karr struggled to find his way as a teacher at first. 

“There have been times of doubt,” Karr said. “When I first graduated from college and became a substitute teacher and when I finally got a job, I was laid off every year for the next four years.”

Karr was doubting the career path he decided to take so much that he went back to school to finish his master’s degree, as well as look at other career options outside of teaching. 

“While those times definitely affected me and my family, I honestly don’t regret those moments,” Karr said. “Without them, I would not have ever come to Fenton. I know now it was the best career choice for me.”

After finishing his degree, Karr quickly realized he missed being in the classroom. His love for teachers outshined the doubts swarming in the back of his mind. A former teacher he worked with at Grand Blanc High reached out to him about a job opening at Fenton High, where she was now assistant principal. Since then, he has maintained his career and love for teaching at Fenton High where he said he has “never regretted the decision to come work here.”

Karr also landed a job at Washtenaw Community College where he teaches one class every fall and winter semester. Also during the fall, Karr has season tickets to Michigan Football games and attends EMU games with his wife and a good friend from high school. 

“Life outside of FHS has some busy moments and some very relaxed moments,” Karr said. 

As the school year comes closer and closer to an end, so will Karr’s career as a math teacher at Fenton High. Even though he’s retiring from Fenton High, his teaching career will continue on. 

“Honestly, I’m fairly sure it will involve teaching in some way but haven’t finalized that,” Karr said. “I have thought about tutoring or possibly teaching online. I have also thought about working as a corporate trainer similar to what my aunt currently does for Meijer.”

Karr will be forever remembered by the students’ lives he’s impacted throughout the years. Even as he moves on, his legacy will stay for those who’ve met him.