IB Theatre productions are now being filmed


Meghan Maier, Online Editor

With the COVID restrictions present, the theatre department has been forced to make some changes in order to still have a show. The main change is the filming of their production and no in-person shows.

“The preparation for filming the play is similar to past years,” senior Logan Reeves said. “Like past years, we are still doing rehearsals and staging things. However, those conversations we are having are about how the final product will end up looking on film instead of on stage.”

There are numerous precautions that are taking place during the filming process to make sure that everyone is safe while filming.

“We have delegated groups for recording,” senior Chelsea Bujak said. “Each group has around two to four students in it. This way it will be easy to contact trace who was with us if needed. We also try to have rehearsals outside when the weather allows for it and make sure to wear masks throughout the whole process. Recently, we [students ages 16 and up] have also been given the opportunity to get the COVID vaccine to make this film even more safe for the students and faculty involved.”

Although the IB Theatre kids are excited for this opportunity, there are some negative sides of this choice. 

“We get to experience something new,” Reeves said. “Not having an audience will make it safer and we will also be able to post the film places online, so it will reach a larger audience; however, it is not traditional theatre and I do miss the stage.”

IB Theatre is excited to begin the process of filming their production.

“Filming will begin in the middle of May,” IB Theatre teacher Lori Thompson said. “We are filming two-person scenes that run no more than thirty minutes. Because we aren’t able to perform in front of a live audience, I am hoping we can have a ‘drive in’ style showing of the film in the FHS parking lot. I am hoping the film will be ready to showcase early June.”

Although this year is a little different for the theatre department, the IB Theatre kids are excited for the opportunity to put on a show and they can’t wait for everyone to see it.