Senioritis and its effects on students


April Carr, Writer

Senioritis is something that numerous seniors find themselves facing when having little to no motivation to do work. Senioritis may make it difficult for seniors to get through their last year of high school.
According to Southern New Hampshire University, senioritis is a real thing that is difficult for seniors to overcome. For instance, imagine reaching the end of a race and feeling so tired that it is difficult to go on, but you’re too far in to quit. That is what senioritis is like. It is the burnout stage of highschool. Symptoms of senioritis include loss of interest, procrastination and not caring about how academically well they do.

The University Of The People revealed there are ways to avoid getting senioritis. These include setting goals and realizing all of the school work being done will eventually pay off. Make it a priority to reward good grades and get assignments done. It is a great way to unwind and also realize with hard work comes recognition.

However, if a student has already developed senioritis, there are “cures.” According to New York University (NYU), talking to a counselor and avoiding stressing about college admissions are all great ways to help. Doing an internship at a place of interest is also a good way to keep motivation up and to visually see an end goal.

Students may develop senioritis after a break from school, like winter break or spring break, and may find it difficult to become motivated again. Senior Hailey Morcom knows this feeling all too well; however, she did not let it get the best of her.

“I had senioritis after coming back from spring break,” Morcom said. “It was hard for me to stay motivated, but I remembered it is the last quarter of my high school experience and that I need to make the most out of my time and do things that made me happy.”

Senioritis, like everything else, is temporary and it is significant to realize it will not last forever. Continue to do things that are filled with joy and remember that the hard work will pay off.