Flushed by Flushing, 3-0


PHOTO Photo by Macyn Stevens

Varsity volleyball players Carly Granger, Kelsie Fischer, Jessica Warford, and Kendrah Praedel wait for the ball to be spiked in their direction.

Shealyn Mandle, Assistant Editor

The Flushing girls varsity volleyball team was introduced to the Flint Metro League for this first time this year. Flushing has always been a big contender against Fenton but for the first time ever, on Tuesday, the teams battled for the Metro League Title. With both teams undefeated, people questioned whether Fenton will carry on the ten year streak or will the newbies take over.

Several announcements, tweets and messages were sent out to the students of FHS to be at the game and cheer on their team. The players even made T-shirts and signs to ensure there is a crowd. The girls spent practice after practice preparing for this huge night.

“Our coach reminded us of the Flushing game almost every 20 minutes of practice for 2 weeks. We were all so excited and knew we needed to do anything it took to win,” junior Myla Wolosonowich said. “As the day went along I got more and more butterflies in my stomach and I felt really confident. We did cheers in the locker room and even got a huge student section to get us more ready.”

When the first match started, Fenton was off to nine point lead. The score was 12-21, only four points away from the first win. The roles reversed when Flushing made a comeback and won the first match 25-21, never letting Fenton score again. This continued when they won the next two matches 25-22 and 25-19, breaking Fenton’s streak.

“Flushing was a really hard loss for us. At the beginning of the first match we played good and then we lost our focus and stopped playing our best,” senior Kendrah Praedel said. “We played like we already lost and it got in our heads. We did not execute but we learned from the loss and we are going to use that loss to help us with the rest of the season.”

The team has one last Metro League match at Linden next Tuesday, Oct. 28. They will continue on to districts and hopefully even regionals. The girls are restoring their strength, practicing harder and are ready to finish the season off right with only one tough loss.