In the Spirit of… Halloween

Caitlin Heenan

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In the Spirit of… Love
February 14, 2015

Thunder. Taking showers in the dark. Falling asleep and having a bear and a robber simultaneously try to kill me. Being alone.

All of these are irrational fears. They are events that either will never happen or have a very unlikely chance of harming me, but they still haunt me consciously.

Perhaps these fears are a deep psychological impression of a traumatic event from my childhood or even possibly an excuse to avoid completing the activities associated with them. Regardless, they are occurrences that I irrationally fear and thus actively avoid.

Thunder. It is loud, is accompanied by bad storms, but that is about the extent to its danger. It is only a noise and it cannot kill me in away way, shape, or form, but somehow, in my mind, thunder is much more deadly than lighting or tornadoes and hurricanes. Much like a dog, I shake when thunder cracks and hide under blankets as if a sheer piece of cloth could save me from the thunder’s angry wrath.

Taking showers in the dark. Showers with light are entirely fine and actually one of my most favorite things, but turn out the lights and I will run screaming to the door. It is my fear that somehow, a serial killer will manage to sneak into the bathroom to kill me in the seconds it takes for me to close my eyes to wash my face.

Falling asleep and having a bear and a robber simultaneously try to kill me. It is unlikely I will encounter a robber in my room as I sleep. It is also unlikely I will encounter a bear in my room as I sleep. Encountering them both at the exact same moment with the intention to kill me might as well be totaly and entirely impossible. In case this event occurs, I take equally irrational prevention measures by placing a pillow on either side of me to allow for the attacking of the pillows to ensue, giving me time to escape the bear and the robber.

Being alone. This fear, although it is viable in terms of not liking to be alone for my emotional state, will not harm me physically. I like friends and I like family, hell, I’ll even accept the T.V as not being alone, as long as other human voices accompany me.

I have admitted here just how unlikely any such events are, but will continue to fear them, despite any attempts by those who know of them to convince me otherwise.

Before I am called crazy or made fun of for fearing events that will never occur to anyone, let alone me (knock on wood), I am certain many people fear irrational events and may share some of mine.