Opinion: Black Friday has numerous benefits and luxuries

April Carr, Writer

Black Friday is most commonly known for its major holiday sales, typically landing on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday sales can start before the famous day and even last until after. It is a way for people to get a majority of their holiday shopping done, while also maintaining a budget and saving money.

Junior Libby Woodard is a huge fan of Black Friday, and hopes it continues to last with years to come.

“I love Black Friday because I can get the majority of my holiday shopping done in one day and not have to stress about it after the fact,” Woodard said. “It also is super beneficial because the deals are like no other and I can get a lot for a little amount of money.”

According to Wirecutter, Black Friday is a prevalent holiday sale that numerous stores have adapted to using. Target, Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon all have Black Friday sales that typically start around late November. However, Best Buys sales started in October.

A major advantage to Black Friday is not just for the customers, but it is also majorly beneficial to employees because of the profit, University Federal Credit Union stated. Another major benefit of Black Friday shopping is spending time with friends and family and enjoying one another’s company while also being productive. 

According to tripsavvy.com, though there are Black Friday deals online, the majority of the shopping happens in person because of cyber Monday sales being right around the corner. A huge benefit of shopping in person rather than online is that people can actually try clothes on to make sure they have the correct sizing.

For people with small businesses, it is also a great way to get their business name out there and attract buyers to them based on the good deals they have, as reported by simplybusiness.com.

It may be a good idea for people to do their research on the stores they want to go to and make sure they have deals going on beforehand to avoid crowds and lines. Stores including Walmart and Target will be having these sales.