Temporary new years motivation

Temporary new years motivation

April Carr, Writer

With the New Year being right around the corner, this means that numerous people around the world are going to be remotivated. The New Year is essentially a fresh start for people, and they generally take this as an opportunity to start a gym membership, a new diet, yoga and much more. However, this new refreshing motivation typically does not last too long and it is significant that these goals be seen as a lifestyle adaptation rather than a 30 day challenge that most likely will not be revisited. 

Students of Fenton High received a google form on Dec. 10 regarding New Year’s resolutions and ways to help New Year’s goals stick. There was an outpouring response from students and a popular suggestion was to have someone hold you accountable and vice versa. It makes it harder to not follow through with something when someone is not only letting themselves down, but letting someone else down too.

According to the American Physiological Association, reward comes with motivation and when people don’t see results, they tend to not want to do it anymore. It is important to move forward even when this feeling arises.

Another main reason why motivation doesn’t last is because of a lack of consistency. This is the root cause for demotivation and not optimizing potential.

Dailyfly suggests starting out with small steps to help continue motivation. If there is a drastic change in someone’s life it may cause them to repel from the lifestyle after a bit of time. Ways to fix this is by adding changes into the life little by little. 

Though motivation plays a huge role in lifestyle changes, discipline is the main one. No one feels motivated every day of their life however it is significant to preserve and stick with the goal even on the hard days. Consistency and perseverance will lead to success.