Fenton High school social media accounts

Ariana Papcun, Writter

Pages highlighting students sleeping in class, bad parking jobs, bad outfits, bathroom shoes— these student fan pages are one of the latest high school trends. 

Accounts of this sort featuring students from Fenton High have been created over the course of several months anonymously and numerous students follow these accounts on Instagram. One account is the sleeping page which posts every couple of weeks. This page is not meant to condone bullying, and it’s just meant for a quick laugh. As stated in the page’s bio: “We do NOT condone bullying of ANY kind, this is all for pure fun and humor, a little chuckle.” 

According to News4jax, a similar page featuring students’ shoes in the bathroom was posted online and labeled under a school’s name. The account was active and viewable to the public, upsetting at least one student from the school in Jacksonville, Fla. 

The student explained he didn’t want to be on the page and he wanted the picture taken down: “My first thought was, ‘My God, you know, he’s not, he’s not safe anywhere he goes,” parent of the child, Dee Hammond said. The parent also explained that a lot of students can feel some kind of mental damage when stumbling upon some of these pages. 

“We’re talking about youth who are already self-conscious about how they look and insecure about things. They’re in that stage of insecurity, essentially, and he didn’t find it funny,” Hammond said, referring to her son. 

Some of these pages include photos of students taken without the student’s consent or approval to be posted. However, there are some school-related social media pages that aren’t trying to uncover students’ privacy: At FHS, that’s pages like the Student Section page, the Media Center page, and accounts of all sorts of clubs and sports that are joinable. These accounts share information about important events and ideas for upcoming dates, helping viewers stay up to date with Fenton High’s latest information regarding clubs or sports events. 

The Fenton Student Section page (@fentonstudentsection) posts information about theme ideas for the student section at sporting events usually once a week, or whenever there is a big game. The Fenton Media Center page (@fhs.mediacenter) usually posts a couple of times a week, often pictures of Sunny. 

Although the creators of the FHS student fan page accounts claim they are intended for a laugh, some students, like the one from Jacksonville, may not wish to be a part of them. According to one bio featuring Fenton High students, if a student wants an image of themself removed, the owner will remove it per request over direct message.