Opinion: Promposals make the experience more special

Bree Soule, Online Editor-in-Chief

PHOTO Katie Premo

Promposals— cute or cliche? Well, according to a poll posted on the Fenton InPrint instagram, 70 percent of voters (60 out of 86) thought promposals are cute. And I would have to say I agree with them. Promposals aren’t just about who can be fancier or come up with the biggest idea, it’s also about creating a special experience that students will remember and cherish.

Recently, senior Katie Premo was asked to prom through a promposal with candles spelling “prom” in the middle of a flower petal heart. “I was kind of in shock when I first walked in because I wasn’t expecting anything like that,” Premo said. “After I realized what it was, I thought it was super cute. I was definitely really happy. I would’ve been perfectly happy with any type of promposal, but the way he did it made it extremely memorable.”

The prom experience begins before the actual dance itself. There’s the dress/suit shopping, purchasing tickets, excitement spreading over the event getting closer and the big question floating around the school of “Will you go to prom with me?” This question can pave the way for the entire experience, starting it off on a good note.

In an article with Cosmopolitan, Michelle Stansbury stated, “[Promposals] are such a great opportunity to make the person you’re asking feel really, really special. And let’s be honest, if there is one time in your high school career you can totally take it from extra to next-level Extra with a capital “E,” it’s prom.”

While most proposals nowadays come with an extravagant plan, others can be as simple as a poster. Not all promposals have to cost a fortune to make it special; in fact, just having someone put in the effort to ask you can make any girl or guy feel special. 

While it means a lot to the person being asked, the question also may make a more memorable experience for the asker themself. They will have the memory of planning the whole ordeal and (hopefully) hearing the person they wanted to go with answer with a yes. Not only that, but it also has more internal impacts that the asker can use later in life.

Lisa Bonos with The Washington Post voiced, “If teens can learn, early on, to make big asks like this in person— rather than by just sending a text— isn’t that a good thing?”

Overall, promposals are a great way to ask someone to prom and add something even more special to the experience— all while being adorable.