Opinion: Prom on the boat could be a great experience

Meghan Maier, Assistant Online Editor

The class of 2022 seniors will attend prom on the Detroit Princess boat in Detroit. This was originally planned for the Class of 2020 but, because of COVID-19 canceling the prom, it will now be happening this year. Prom on the boat has the opportunity to be a great experience and something students will love, but can also have some downsides as well when it comes to transportation and safety.

Not everyone chooses to stay for the whole prom but because transportation will be provided and required, students must stay the whole time— some people arrive late and some leave early. Having prom on the boat takes away the ability to leave when ready.  If a family emergency were to come up and someone needed to get home, it simply would not be possible for only them to leave. Although it sounds like fun, what happens if someone gets seasick or just isn’t having a fun time? There is no way to leave. Senior Elise Roberts stated, “By having prom on the boat, people are forced to stay the whole time.” 

Prom on the boat is also riskier than one in a normal venue. If a student becomes sick or injured, does that mean that the prom is going to end early for everyone? There is no way to truly prevent accidents from happening while on the boat. According to an article by ABC News, “A prom on the Hudson River ended early when a yacht ran into another yacht.” There were no injuries in this incident, but this isn’t something that you can plan ahead for.

However, it is possible for prom on the Detroit Princess to be a new and exciting choice. Because Fenton High hasn’t hosted prom on a boat before, it is unclear whether or not this will be a good idea. Junior Meg Pihalja stated, “I think it’s a great idea. It sounds like a lot of fun and I’ve never been on a party boat before.” Most people have never had a school dance on a boat, so this is a new opportunity that students are able to explore. It may also increase the turnout of students who want to experience what a school dance is like on a boat rather than in a large banquet room or a gym. 

New experiences bring new memories for people to look back on, making this a memory that will last a lifetime. With transportation being provided, this will increase student safety to and from the prom venue as students will not be driving the 63-mile journey from the FHS parking lot to the Detroit Princess Riverboat themselves, reducing the risk of accidents happening on the way to or from prom. 

Prom on a boat was an exceptional idea— the only flaw to the plan is having to stay the whole time, making certain aspects less desirable. Having the 2022 prom on the Detroit Princess boat will be a fun experience for students if you can look past the downsides.