The Fashion Textbook: 2021 Prom dress trends


Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

Prom is right around the corner making it the season to start shopping for prom dresses. In order to look amazing for prom, follow these tips to stay within a budget, find fabric or materials, places for tailoring and most importantly dress ideas.

Before dress shopping, keep in mind the following factors: the budget and body type with the dress shape. Certain fabrics will raise the cost of your dress along with certain hemmings, necklines, etc. Certain body shapes will work best with different dresses, if you want to look your best keep in mind certain dresses won’t flatter your figure while others will. To work around this, look at necklines and sleeves.

Consider tailoring your dress. If you fall in love with a specific one but it’s too loose at the armpits, tailor it. Remember this will add to costs and certain fabrics are harder to tailor or can’t be tailored.

Before your try-on session, wear comfortable clothes and undergarments. If not, it could make trying on clothes more difficult and frustrating.

Last year in 2020 we saw an influx of ball gown-like materials being used like tulle or satin to appear princess-like— this would be perfect for prom. These types of dresses are more flattering with pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow and green. If the color and material is something that you want but the idea of looking like a princess isn’t, sequin patterns are fun as well fun. 

If tulle seems itchy and pastels are just not it, dark and edgy colors would be perfect. Darker colors, like black or blood red, are better with silky fabrics or even satin. Silk and satin are most common and flattering with sweetheart, deep v or even straight across necklines, giving you a more classy look. 

If none of these work for you, diamond dresses are another option. Models like Kendall Jenner and the icon that started these looks originally, Paris Hilton, are known for these types of dresses. They fit long or short and any neckline. Although they’re extra, these dresses will draw attention to anyone; so if you want something lowkey, this isn’t the dress for you.

Prom dress shopping doesn’t have to be hard. Following these tips and dress ideas, you’ll easily find the perfect dress just for you.