The Fashion Textbook: Outlook of 2021 fashion


Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

Spring and Summer Fashion Week has paved the way for new fashion trends of 2021. It’s clear that designers have taken advice for collections from the ’60s and ’70s by using flowy materials, browns, floral patterns and pastels while others are using denim and velvet from the 2000s to create central pieces in a wardrobe. 

Emilio Pucci Spring and Summer collection this year have taken these new trend ideas to an extreme. Their line is filled with cotton dresses meant for spring, pulling inspiration from 70’s festivals like Woodstock with all-white looks.

While other designers like Chanel, Miu Miu, Charlotte Knowles and Louis Vuitton have done the same as Emilio Pucci, they took a glam rock point of view with patterns, reds and beiges — the material they used was mostly silk, threaded fabric and skirts with high-colored blouses were a staple.  

Versace debuted their Spring and Summer 2021 collection at the Spring and Summer Fashion Week, the inspiration of the collection was the 2000’s with low-waisted flared bottoms, cropped tops, mini skirts, chunky boots and outfits that were clearly based on the Matrix. The collection is primarily all black with leather accents and dainty pearl necklaces. Critics of this collection, like Vogue, are mentioning the ties it has to the early ’90s and Versace when original designer Gianni Versace was alive and primarily designed.

Burberry’s proclaimed 60’s disco looks to focus on diamond dresses with snatched waists, the runway models walked the runway with long flowing hair and simple makeup, the outfits looked beautiful making 2021 a time to invest in old vintage pieces.

Although some of our favorite designers haven’t come out with collections or pieces, we look forward to seeing how runways and Fashion Week will shape 2021 fashion trends into a time to relive fades we have lost.