Career day provides students advice about jobs and life

Emily Battaglia, Writer

With the close of the first month of school, October brings even more opportunities for learning. One of these unique opportunities is Career Panel Day. The yearly event occurred on October 8 and brought with it a variety of entrepreneurs such as salespeople and college admissions officers.

“Some people don’t have any idea what they want to do when they grow up,” senior Micali Gadola said. “Therefore, it’s good to have abundance of people to talk to us so we can hear about different jobs and know what you need to do to get that career.”

Career day allowed students to get advice from those who have had real life work experience. This gives some students the chance to discover a career interest that they had never thought about.

“When I was a freshman, a dentist came into our class,” junior Madison Gavulic said. “I had never considered that career before he came and talked to us, but he made it sound like a great job that I am now really interested in. Without career day, I probably wouldn’t have a very good idea of what certain careers are like.”

Besides telling students about their jobs, some speakers provided tips for job interviews and general advice for life after high school.

“The man who visited our class taught us that you don’t need a ton of money to be happy,” senior Jacob Deardorff said. “He also talked about his past life experiences and how they helped shape him into the humble, successful person he is today.”