Senior year bucket list


PHOTO Kyla Marx

April Carr, Online Editor

Senior year is oftentimes viewed as one of the most exciting years of high school; it is the last year of high school and one of the last years before truly entering “adulthood.” However, it can also be one of the busiest years— filling out college applications, going on tours, senior pictures, participating in sports, etc… So, there is a list below of 23 things the class of ‘23 to accomplish this school year so that looking back, there will be memories that last a lifetime.

  1. Join a sports team
  2. Go to homecoming
  3. Attend football games
  4. Attend basketball games
  5. Participate in senior breakfast 
  6. Take part in senior sunrise
  7. Join a club
  8. Show teachers appreciation
  9. Create a scrapbook 
  10. Go to prom 
  11. Participate in the pep rally
  12. Get active in spirit week
  13. Go on a college tour
  14. Perform community service 
  15. Go to a concert with friends
  16. Hold a photoshoot with friends
  17. Go to the beach
  18. Plan a senior year spring break
  19. Go on a road trip
  20. Participate in senior skip day
  21.  Do something out of your comfort zone
  22.  Have a movie night with school friends
  23.   Look for internships that interest you