Ambassadors concert helps fund One World Water Project

The Ambassadors have been one of the most practiced form of entertainment at FHS. Preparation for their upcoming event was also a big point in the routine. There was a lot of work to be done before their show.

“It is so stressful but I love it,” senior Cord Alvarado said. “Mr. Wright goes hard but we expect it cause months hardworking getting lyrics, it’s really rewarding.”

Many students had opportunities to show their talents during the show.

“We had a lot of people doing their own things,” junior Leah Lynch said. “That’s why we had the special acts part, to showcase their talents.”

The Ambassadors has been in FHS for many years, this program help students to come out of their shell more.

“It really helped me come out of my shell and me more enthusiastic,” freshmen Kelly Canning said. “I am much more outgoing now.”

This year however, the Ambassadors’ concert had another meaning behind the show. All of the proceeds went to the One World Water project, an idea started by Michael Fabatz and Sarah Lawrence on their trip to Guatemala.

“All the proceeds of the show go to buying filters for and around Guatemala City, every six tickets buys one filter, and the end of the show we had enough money to buy 100 filters,” senior Sarah Lawrence said. “It really changes you, going and seeing how they live their life over there, it’s tough.”