Sophomores take a field trip to the Skill Center

Calli Miller, Writer

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, a field trip to the Genesee Area Skill Center was taken by sophomores at the high school;The field trip allowed those interested to take a trip to the Skill Center and get a general idea of how their day would go if they were to entertain the idea of studying at the Skill Center.

“I think it will give students an opportunity to actually see what the skill center is all about,” high school counselor Vicky Russell said. “I think attendance is important because the field trip will let kids know if this would be something they are interested in taking. The students that attended the sophomore class meeting had an opportunity to sign up for the classes that they would be interested in taking so the kids that go out on the trip will actually have an opportunity to go to the classes that they said they were interested in.”

With currently 100 career and technical preparation programs in the building, students who attend the skill center could have direct experience in the field they plan to go into. This program takes the place of credits and gets those who choose it ahead of the curve in their particular situation.

“I learned a lot from my trip to the skill center but basically just how it works and what classes they have to offer.” sophomore Natalie Miller said. “I think I’m going to end up going because it’s a almost like a free look at a college class. Seeing where it is and how it’s run on a day to day basis was super helpful.”

This particular career institute located on Torrey road in Flint currently serves over 1000 kids from all over the Genesee district and even some of those from Shiawassee districts.

“I liked the skill center because I loved the environment and how close kids from all over the district were.” sophomore Heather Griffiths said. “I went to the forensics class because I wanted to see if it was something I wanted to do which I definitely think it is. The most beneficial part was seeing how an everyday class at the Skill Center runs. I think I would get more out of going to Skill Center my junior and senior year than just a regular schedule at the high school.”

Although the GASC may not be for everyone, the Skill Center is deemed a rewarding alternative. For students who choose to attend interactive and specified field experience is guaranteed to be fit into two blocks of their next years schedule.