The Fashion Textbook: Fall Lookbook

Emmy Johnson, Editor

Autumn is known for the season’s various activities: going to haunted houses, picking pumpkins or apples and drinking warm teas or coffees. The season is also known for its fashion— especially yearly trends that seem to come back with the season—  knit sweaters, vintage denims, jean jackets and heavy leather jackets are a few of these trends.

Despite these trends circling back every year, it can still be confusing to create an outfit from these pieces alone,. leading fall lookbooks to create inspiration along with giving a guide to viewers for what to look for while shopping for fall clothes.

Outfit 1: Pairing yoga pants with a black Wild Fable ribbed long sleeve, on top a red vintage Old Navy knit zip-up sweater and for shoes, a pair of high top Nike Blazers. A 2000’s tan puffer jacket with burberry plaid scarf to finish the look.

Outfit 2: Flared Old-Navy jeans with a cable-knit beige sweater and a pair of Madden Girl platform shoes. On top, a Wild Fable heavy duty, fur-lined leather jacket.

Outfit 3: A thrifted plaid skirt with a Michael Kors beige turtleneck and black opaque tights  paired with patterned leg warmers and Madden Girl boots. Topped with a thrifted heavy duty denim jacket.

Outfit 4: A thrifted hoodie and Old Navy leggings and patterned leg warmers. The look is completed with Nike blazers and a Wild Fable fur-lined leather jacket.

Outfit 5: A white ribbed Old Navy t-shirt, a jean mini-skirt and ribbed navy zip-up sweater. The look is completed with black opaque tights and white Nike blazers.

Autumn is known as not only the time where leaves turn colors and Starbucks seasonal drinks are ready for purchase, but also a time for looking adorable and staying warm before the colder holiday season hits.