People of Fenton: junior Annaliese Chiminski


“I moved to Michigan in 2020 from a town in Pennsylvania called Newtown. Before that I lived in Massachusetts; however, I was born in Michigan, close to Ann Arbor. People always ask me ‘Where is your favorite place you’ve lived?’ I’ve never had a clear answer, but I can say I’ve learned things from each place I’ve lived and met some of my best friends that will be in my life forever. Moving is always tough because you never know what to expect. There’s new people, a new environment and a new lifestyle. Each time I’ve moved it’s been because of the relocation of my dad’s job, but this time we came to Michigan to be closer with family, as almost all of my mom and dad’s side of the family lives here. The biggest lesson I’ve learned throughout it all is how to adapt. I have become a stronger person and had fun through it all.” -junior Annaliese Chiminski

Sophie Collins, Writer