Best locations for holiday shopping in Fenton


Libby Pattan, Writer

With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, many people are in need of clever gift ideas. Gift giving can be hard because there are many factors one needs to consider, such as prices, what is in trend and the interests of the person receiving the gift. Luckily, there are many great small businesses and stores right here in Fenton. 

There are an extraordinary number of businesses in Fenton that would be excellent candidates; however, it all depends on the interests of the gift receiver. 

If this person is more on the creative side, a good place to look for a gift for them would be Michael’s. Located in the Silver Pointe Shopping Center, Michael’s has hundreds of different types of supplies for artists. From paintbrushes, markers and canvases, to clay, beads for jewelry and yarn— Michael’s truly has it all. 

In the establishment right next to Michael’s, is a store called TJ Maxx. They sell things such as clothes, shoes, skincare products, holiday decorations, room decor and so much more at discounted prices.

“I absolutely adore TJ Maxx during the holiday time. They always have good stuff there, especially jewelry and purses,” junior Josie Xiong said. “I sometimes shop at TJ Maxx for my siblings, but for the most part, I usually shop there for myself with my mom. I always look for accessories when I am at TJ Maxx.”

However, some people tend to like things that are more on the athletic side. If this is the case, then a great place to shop for them would be Dunham’s. Dunham’s has all kinds of sporting goods for all kinds of athletes. There is a wide variety of gifts ranging from baseball gloves, fishing materials and soccer balls, to things such as clothing and running shoes. No matter what kind of outdoor activity the gift receiver is into, Dunham’s is sure to carry it for them. 

In downtown Fenton, there are many stores that are right in the heart of the city. Some of these stores include Luna’s and Fenton’s Open Book. Luna’s is a store that carries products like vintage clothing and several different pieces of jewelry, along with comical socks and home appliances. Fenton’s Open Book has books from several different genres. It would be a great place to shop for a younger child who enjoys reading or an adult that loves literature. 

A classic place to look for gifts is Target. Target has gifts for everyone— friends, family, kids, bosses, spouses and everyone else. Target has everything from toys for kids, sports equipment, books, clothes, music and electronics. No matter who is being shopped for, Target will more than likely have something suitable for them. Additionally, Target has reasonable prices for its items with an abundance of choices to choose from. 

“I always do all of my holiday shopping at Target. I shop for my mom, dad and brothers at Target, and I never leave empty-handed when I try to buy gifts there,” junior Klayrabell Johnson said. “I always just try to look for things they might like, but I never know what to get them until I see the perfect thing. Target never disappoints around the holiday season.”

Another great store in the Silver Pointe Shopping Center is Glik’s. Glik’s is a family-owned retail company that carries a variety of trendy clothes and shoes. It is a great place to look for people who are into fashion. 

“I usually do some of my holiday shopping at Glik’s. I go in looking for gifts for my family and close friends, and I always know that I will find something,” junior Kali Gwaltney said. “I normally just shop for clothes in Glik’s, but if I see anything else that I think the person might like then I’ll pick it up.”

With stores that sell so many different things, options will never run out. All 2023 holiday gift shopping can be completed close to home, right here in Fenton.