Clubs making Fenton High School a better place

Ariana Papcun, Online Editor


Fenton High offers many electives for students to participate in, but also has many extracurriculars that help the school in many ways. Because they are co-curricular courses, some of these clubs can also be taken as an elective course option. Co-curricular club options include Fentonian, Bella Varsity, Ambassadors, InPrint, Advanced Desktop, Advanced Video, IB Theatre, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, Drumline and Symphonic Band. Other Clubs include E.C.O. club, Student Council, NHS, Chess Club, Dance Team, Economics Club, Robotics, Entrepreneurial Club, Captains Club, F.Y.I and Key Club.

F.Y.I is one of the clubs that is not a co-curricular club and it occurs outside of school hours. F.Y.I is led by senior Victoria Guile. It is a club that is run by student interests with the goal of helping FHS become a better place. 

“We have had initiatives based on the environment as well as gender-based issues,” Guile said. “Our current club-wide initiative is the November bottle drive which will utilize the money earned to provide our bathrooms at FHS with hygiene products such as pads, tampons and possibly travel-sized deodorants and floss.”

F.Y.I has also impacted the Fenton community in several ways.

“Last year we spoke at a city council meeting in order to amplify students’ voices on the concrete plant which was going to be built in very close proximity to the school,” Guile said. “Because of student voices, there are regulations and a dangerous part of the plant was not allowed to go through.”

As a senior, Guile hopes to impact the school even more with initiatives and plans for students to have a better high school experience. 

“I hope that we can gain more traction so that we can create more change on a bigger level,” Guile said.

Captains Club is another club that impacts the Fenton community and FHS. It is advised and led by math teacher Matthew Sullivan. This club does many things for children in the community. 

We work with handicapped children, especially those in the Genesee County Special Olympics, in athletic events or in their classrooms. We have also tutored children in our own Fenton school district and helped out in community projects like Jinglefest,” Sullivan said. “The community loves the free help and I would guess that our kids got as much out of it as they did. We’ve had a number of kids go into special education because of their experiences in the captains club.”

Captains Club is a club that helps out children with disabilities.

“Kids feel better about themselves when they help others, and we have so many students who could benefit from this,” Sullivan said. 

KEY Club is a source of help for those in need throughout the Fenton community. It is advised by Literature and Composition Three and Four  teacher Lou Santo and KIWANIS member Mark Suchowski and led by senior Isabella Vincil. 

“The main purpose of KEY Club is to provide volunteer opportunities to students of all grades who enjoy helping their community and to be a source of volunteers for organizations or events that need help, we focus a lot on helping kids in our local community,” Vincil said. “Recently, we’ve helped out at a food bank every week, sold pizza coupons to raise money for holiday food baskets and decorated the square for Halloween.”

KEY Club helps out in many ways, hoping to help Fenton become a better place. 

Student Council is the next club that aims to motivate students to be full of school spirit and helps with projects at FHS.

“Our main purpose is to bring together all grade levels and collaborate on school spirit projects,” Student Council President senior Madelin Burnau said. We plan homecoming, pep assemblies, Winter dance, door decorating contests; all of that is really to make school a more enjoyable experience and give everyone the opportunity to have some fun in highschool. We have also done some volunteer work; for example we have organized Angel Tree in years past.” 

E.C.O. Club is advised by science teacher, Mr. Jeffrey and Current world issues, government, and econ teacher Mr. Murphy and led by senior Abby Logan. It’s a club that brings students together to help with environmental issues. 

“The main purpose of the club is to advocate for our environment,” Logan said. “We focus on our influence within our school and how we can make our school more green. I think my main goal is being able to make our school more accepting and understanding of the climate crisis we are in. I find a lot of students either don’t know or don’t care about the environment which is extremely scary. So yeah, I would say that my goal for E.C.O. Club is for it to spread its word about why you should care.”

This club has also impacted FHS in a positive way. 

“We recently implemented recycling bins in every classroom,” Logan said. “We have found it very successful in preserving recycling within the school. I think it helped the students understand how important reusing, recycling and reducing really is.” 

All of these clubs have helped FHS and the Fenton community in so many ways. From helping students who are handicapped to recycling in the school, these clubs are aiming to make this world a better place. For more information on how to get involved with any of these clubs, reach out to the individual student leaders or advisers through school email.