Opinion: Gift bags are better than wrapping paper


Ariana Papcun, Editor

With the holiday season here, it’s time to purchase the presents and hide them under the tree. Gift bags and wrapping paper are the most popular items to hide presents. Even though wrapping paper may seem like a better option to choose, gift bags have many benefits that can be better than wrapping paper.

According to Independently Happy, gift bags are an environmentally-friendly option. Instead of throwing away the wrapping paper and ripping away the beauty of each gift, gift bags are easy to reuse each year and still will maintain the beauty of the bag. 

Gift bags are an easier time saver. With the bag already ready to go, all you have to do is place your gifts inside. According to American Retail Supply, it’s beneficial to have a gift bag for irregular shaped gifts, for they might be hard to wrap. Wrapping presents is also a struggle for many people. Dealing with the perfect amount to cut out, and the perfect amount of tape is sometimes difficult, so gift bags are the easiest alternative. 

According to Haphazard Stuff, there are many different designs and patterns on both gift bags and tissue paper to choose from. 

Trying to guess what you got underneath the tree, studying the shape, and observing the size may not be as fun when using gift bags, but it sure will look more neat and tidy. 

Gift bags are an effective way for gifting. They are a go-to when all out of wrapping paper, or just need a simple alternative. They will surely do the job of hiding those loved ones’ gifts under the tree.