Ways to stack the cash for the holidays

Samantha Campbell, Writer

Its the time of year everyone is running around getting ready for the holidays. You have a long list of gifts and food items that are needed to be bought to complete the holidays. Things are hectic and you need to make cash, and you need to make it fast. Here are ways to make cash now.

Errand Running:

For people who are always on the run this is a great idea. Grab some groceries or laundry for someone else while you are out.


Those who are good with children should consider this job. All that is needed is for you to watch children for a few hours while parents are gone.


Good with schoolwork? You are the perfect match for this job if so. Some teenagers are in need for you to help with their studies.

Yard Work:

If you love exercise and lifting then this job fits you. Last minute yard work clean up is needed, and you fit the job.

Wrapping Presents:

Love wrapping presents and making bows? Then this job is a great idea for you. Not everyone can wrap a present, to the point where it is presentable. So if you can wrap, people will appreciate your work.


If you love food and love to make it then you are the right person for this job. This job takes a lot of time out of peoples schedules, so with your help you can make a big difference.