Review: Knives Out: Glass Onion

Emmy Johnson, Editor

“Knives Out,” directed by Rian Johnson, grossed 311.9 million dollars and became a success in 2018. As a result, Johnson partnered with Netflix to make an entirely new movie with its own original characters, plot and a new mystery to be unlocked— “Knives Out: Glass Onion.”The sequel hit Netflix in December.

Benoit Blanc, played by Daniel Craig, is a master detective stuck quarantining during the pandemic before he is hired mysteriously to travel to Greece. Playing a part in the murder mystery party put on by Mile Bron’s, a business man with the likeness of other successful billionaires. 

Bron’s closest friends, known as The Disruptors, are all invited— each one with serious tension and reason to kill Bron. 

Birdie, a popular influencer with her brand Sweeties— luxury sweatpants— has become washed out with her ignorant attitude resulting in unintentional racism and problematic behavior. 

Claire and Lionel are a politician and scientist whose campaign and business is backed up by Bron. They have both found themselves in deep waters after supporting Miles’s new invention of energy: Klear— extremely flame retardant and unstable as it has been derived from pure salt water. Both of their reputations are threatened to be ruined unless they agree to Miles’s standards.

Duke and Whiskey are semi-famous influencers who are trying to build their brand.   Duke would try to do anything to get a T.V. show sponsored by Miles; the only problem is his conservative ideology and problematic behavior. And Whiskey, a girl in her mid-20’s, who doesn’t consider herself part of the friend group but likes the attention it provides her and possible influence. 

Lastly there is Andi, the primary creator of Alpha, who was cut out of the company in favor of Miles. In response, Andi is fighting to find answers as to why her friends betrayed her and to find proof that she is the original creator of Alpha rather than Bron. Nobody knows why Andi showed up to the event considering what happened, causing high tension and arguments. 

When the party turns into a game of chase, Miles Bron’s fear of his closest friends killing him becomes apparent. When the lights go out and the group is in the dark, the truth is revealed— no one was going to kill Bron. 

“Knives out: Glass Onion” is a story where the conclusion is right in front of the viewers before it happens, where tensions are high between a group of friends and some amazingly-written monologues. Johnson has added another amazing edition to “Knives Out,” leaving viewers excited for more adventures from Benoit Blanc. A third installment of the “Knives Out” series is set to premiere in 2024.