The Fashion Textbook: Valentine’s Date Night Fits


Emmy Johnson, Editor

Feb. 14, also known as Valentine’s Day or V-Day, is a holiday to show those closest to you unconditional love. But it can also be considered one of the few times a year you can dress up in your best fits with the classic colors and themes of the holiday. The only problem for some is how to dress up these colors depending on the date.

If you and your partner are going to the movies, comfort will be for the best. A pair of leggings and comfortable shoes doesn’t mean you can’t look good. An outfit like this could be pairing black leggings and a pink sweater, like the Hollisters Pink Cable Knit Sweater and Lulu Lemon’s High Rise Flared Pant in the Nulu style. If you would prefer more color, a Gym-Shark athleisure set like Vital Seamless Leggings and Bralette in Sorbet Pink can provide both comfort and style.

If your partner is taking you out to a restaurant, it allows you the perfect opportunity to dress up. Cider, an online clothing store, has the perfect Valentine’s sets for a night out. If your complimentary colors for the night are pink, try out the Pinky Promise Tied-Shirt and Maxi Skirt or the Me-Day Ditsy Floral Skirt and Top Set. Pair it with Demonia’s Dollie-01 in Reflective Baby Pink and Cameo-311 in Bubblegum Pink.

For a picnic date, pink gingham patterns would be perfect. Dresses from The Sassy ShortCake Boutique dresses in the style Call Me Cute Pink and Pushin Pink pair perfectly with Converse: Chuck Taylor in white.

For a shopping date, pair of Cider’s Heart Patterned Sweater and a black high-waisted mini-skirt. For warmth, add red tights or stockings and for shoes go with Doc Martens in classic 8065 Mary Janes. 

If you need a more anti-Valentine’s Day look, or “Galentine’s” outfit, dark colors like red, black and hot pink will give you an edge that’s perfect. Try silk sets that give off a gothic vibe for the usual cheery and cute holiday, like Cider’s Satin Deep-V Peasant Top in Black and the matching Satin Lace Wide Leg Trousers. If you’re going out, try out Cider’s Satin and Lace Sweetheart Mini Dress in Black with their Bow Knit Silk Stockings.

Whether you’re going out to a fancy restaurant, a movie, a picnic date, the mall or even a night out with your friends, celebrate Valentine’s with some outfits that are sure to keep people’s eyes on you.