Junior and senior boys attend business seminar for entrepreneurship

Jake Lee, Writer

On December 4, the Fenton Regional Chamber of Commerce held their annual Boys and Business seminar for junior and senior boys interested in business degrees or possibly starting their own business some day. The students met experienced entrepreneurs and other successful people from the area who offered them advice and key points to becoming successful in whatever career pursued later in life.

“I’m confused about what I want to do exactly.” said junior Jared DeGroat. “But I am interested in business and that’s why I decided to go and to see what it was all about.”

The seminar was definitely not all about business, but also some important life lessons and skills you can use throughout your lifetime to be successful.

“The most valuable lesson I learned was to never give up even if you fail.” said junior Jake Gutzeit. “Another valuable lesson I learned was to invest in new things that you think will be successful and to invest wisely.”

Most people were there for the business aspect of it and to see if they may wished to pursue a business endeavor themselves. However, it can be frustrating at times to see people just take the day off to miss a day of school.

“Don’t just do it to get out of school.” said senior John Lloyd. “If you’re at all interested in pursuing business then absolutely go and give it a try because it is a great opportunity to listen to experienced entrepreneurs and businessmen. But otherwise don’t just do it to get out of school.”

From financing to executing a good job interview and all the way to talking with local businessmen, the Boys and Business seminar covers it all. It provides a great opportunity to meet with successful businessman and gain insight on what being an entrepreneur is all about. Boys and Business will occur again next year, at which time information on how to sign up will be available in the Counseling Office.