Opinion: An early start is a good fit for HS students

Opinion: An early start is a good fit for HS students

Sierra Cleveland, Editor

Most students would like to argue that an early start for school is annoying and stressful, but as studies have shown maybe it’s not so bad. Waking up early in the morning makes students feel more energized rather than waking up later. Waking up later makes them feel more tired and sluggish.

Big Think.com states that a lot of school districts re-use the same buses to pick up students from different schools: first the high schoolers, then the middle schoolers, and finally the elementary schoolers. Additionally, most parents work while their kids are at school, making it more convenient for them to drop them off beforehand.

Big Think also stated that “People who wake up early have better brain function, superior critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Sleeping early and waking up early improves concentration and memory power too.” This means people will tend to perform better at school.

According to Helpful Professor.com, schools starting earlier not only helps students establish a morning routine but also benefit their lifestyle as a whole. Students who adapt to getting up early, preparing for the day, and balancing their daily schedule are more prepared for adulthood.    

“School should start earlier because you get more in your day,” sophomore Reyna Fox said. “Going to sleep is easier with an early start”

An early start for school leaves room for after-school activities and helps students have a full day. This also leaves more time for homework, chores and more time for friends/family, making an early start overall beneficial for students.