IB Theatre’s last performance of the year



Siera Cleveland, Editor

IB Theater performed a show on Friday May 19, and Saturday May 20, called Dinner at Eight, Dead by Nine. This show is a murder mystery focusing on the main death of Eleanor, they scramble to figure out the killer while everyone is one themselves. They all accuse each other, but in the end, they find out she had killed herself in her plan to kill her nephew’s fiance Hadley.

In the beginning, it feels like a game show with actor Ibraham Sene being the host, he announces the actors coming on to set and explains the time, place, and a little of what will happen during the show. Some actors had accents that were surprisingly very realistic, specifically Brad Pattan’s character Ramon. His character had a hilarious accent and his attitude made it even better.

The show had a lot of humor and suspense, especially when props accidentally fall or frightening screams when something bad happens. The lighting and sound were very on point creating a cinematic effect. In past shows, the sound was delayed or did not match, but this one exceeded expectations and had major improvement in the actors as well. 

In preparation for the show Mrs. Thompson and the actors had been staying after school to practice and create a set. During the show they took a raffle for audience members to sit on set, this made the show more enjoyable to see the actors and audience interact. The guests on set also were brought snacks and a drink, and the actors involved them in some parts of the show. They also performed act one for drama day on May 18, which included each theater class.

This performance was sad for many other seniors because this is their last show at FHS. While everyone in the cast is a senior besides Kory Sanchez, next year we will be seeing different actors. Mrs Tompson plans on having more murder mysteries next year seeing how they are such a big hit for students and parents.