Annual Jingle Fest lights up the town

It that time of year again. The lights are up, the city is bright, and school is almost out, the holiday season is upon us. While it is still two weeks away from the big day most are looking forward to, this weekend the City of Fenton helped spread some holiday cheer with their annual Jingle Fest.

The festivities kicked off at 3:00 with the traditional Jingle Jog 5K Run. Participants brisked the cold and endured a long race throughout downtown. Sophomore Andrew Bond, a member of Fenton’s Cross Country team, finished in second place.

“I did better than I thought I would even though I started off slow, Bond said. “I caught up to first place on a huge downhill but couldn’t quite catch him, overall it was a good race.

Throughout the day citizens had the opportunity to enjoy an abundance of activities. A petting zoo displaying a live Nativity scene was set up for viewers pleasure. There was Reindeer on display for children to pet.

“They had a lot of cool stuff to look at,” sophomore Brendan Triola said. “It was pretty awesome to see a live reindeer.”

Once the sun set, the town began brighten up. Dibbleville was lit up for the world to see with holiday lights across the town. Inside tents attendees warmed up with a cup of hot cocoa and listened to live musicians.

“It was definitely cool to see all the lights as I marched in the parade,” Triola said. “There were lots of bright floats that really lit up the city.”

Most people found their way out of the tents and on to the streets for the grand finale. The annual Jingle Fest Parade lit up the city with floats of all sizes and colors. Children dove for candy thrown their way. Adults captured the memory with their cameras. The scene was made audible due to the performance by the Lake Fenton Blue Devils and the Fenton Marching Tigers.

“It was an awesome experience,” junior John Galvin said. “Being a part of the band was great because we got to march through the city and see everything, I would definitely do it again.”