Congressman Dan Kildee visits AP Government class

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor

After finding out just minutes before class, juniors in teacher Shawn Lawrence’s AP Government class walked in to their classroom ready to meet the congressman coming to speak to them. During the last class before winter break, Congressman Dan Kildee was able to meet Lawrence’s 2A and answer any questions the students asked him.

“I was excited that I would be able to meet and talk to someone who works in the White House,” junior Griffin Carr said. “He changed my perspective about how much representatives directly engage with the people they represent. I also learned what a typical day is like in Congress.”

Kildee told the class about his experiences since being elected in 2012; he explained his role as a relatively new representative and described how the members of Congress work together.

“He seemed to know what he was doing and seems to love his job,” junior Cassidy Curtis said. “It was really cool to hear him talking about how he knows the President well and has flown on Air Force One before.”

This is not the first time Kildee has visited the high school. He spoke to some classes two years ago when he was running in the 2012 election and not only did Kildee make an appearance, so did his challenger Jim Slezak. According to Lawrence, because Kildee has visited before, there was a good chance that he would come in to speak to at least one of Lawrence’s classes.

“All I had to do was contact his office and ask him to come in,” Lawrence said. “It’s hard to figure out schedules because congressmen are always busy and our A-day, B-day schedule just adds another factor to work out. I usually wait until the last minute to tell students just in case the speaker ends up not coming.”

Although only 2A was able to talk to Kildee, Lawrence’s other classes will have guest speakers later on. Eventually a judge, police officer, and possibly one other speaker will come in for each class.