JV Boys shut down Mustangs

Michael Pearce, Writer

In a game that didn’t see a point for the first five minutes, the Fenton JV boys were able to pull ahead from the Clio Mustangs and maintain a lead for the rest of the game. The final score was 44-32 Fenton.

Some standout performances included David Pietryga on defense, forcing many steals and creating fast break opportunities, and Drew Miller, who repeatedly got into the paint and scored close-range buckets.

“Our team is all about defense,” sophomore team manager Parker Dagenais said. “That’s how we were able to win. We stepped it up on the defensive side of the ball which lead to offensive opportunities.”

A few points were scored by the Mustangs near the end of the game, shortening the score gap. The game was dominated by the high number of turnovers from the Mustangs, forced by the Tigers’ defense.

“We were able to lock down the paint and really put a lot of pressure on defensively,” Dagenais said. “We really closed off the passing lanes and just had way more energy than them, on both sides too, not just defensively.”

Not only did the Tigers continually force turnovers, they also rarely allowed Clio an open jumpshot. Most of Clio’s points were inside shots or free throws, and when they went inside, the majority of the time it would become a takeaway for the Tigers.