Juniors begin preparing for ACT

Shealyn Mandle, Assistant Editor

The high-stakes ACT test will be administered to all juniors on March 3. Because of the role it plays in college acceptance, many juniors are relying on various methods to prepare.

“My ideal score would be a 30 because that would increase my chances of getting into Michigan,” junior Jared Degroat said. “To prepare, I have been working through my ACT prep book.”

To help students in studying for the ACT, FHS provides “Method Test Prep” on Career Cruising. Method Test Prep is a tool students can utilize for free. It includes a variety of practice questions, timed quizzes and tips for being successful.

“I have my own ACT book and I do Method Test Prep online,” junior Isabelle McIntosh said. “I take a 5-15 minute test and it helps me understand the material that is going to be on the ACT; it also gives me a better idea of what the questions will be like.”

Along with pre-test preparations, eating is an essential way to engage the mind before difficult test taking.

“I am going to wake up early after a solid nine hours of sleep and I will eat a heart healthy breakfast with eggs, bacon and toast,” junior Shane Kolinski said. “I will also stay hydrated all day.”

There are many resources available to students. Along with using Method Test Prep, students can talk to their counselors to seek advice.