Fenton’s Robotics team’s competition season begins

Michael Pearce, Writer

The Titanium Tigers have been working for weeks on their robot to prepare it for competition, and now it is time. Their first competition is on February 27th at 9 A.M. at Howell Middle School. The Tigers will be facing off against several teams all day.

“We have been working on this robot for six weeks now,” junior Jake Gutzeit said. “We worked really hard to get to this point and we feel the robot is ready to go, and ready to win.”

The team has been programming and putting together a robot that will compete against the others in timed competitions in the Howell gym. The robots will be competing in competitions that are mainly physical competitions such as stacking recycling bins.

“These events are really social,” Gutzeit said. “They really are a lot of fun. It isn’t all serious life-or-death, everyone has fun. It’s a friendly competition, it really is a great time.”

Robotics doesn’t gain the most crowds of the sports activities, but it is one of Fenton’s most expensive activities, and the students put their time into it. In their first competition of the season, the Titanium Tigers look to let out a metallic roar and achieve victory.