New scholarship offered in memory of Jamie Garcia

Riley Wilson, Content Editor

Instead of a Thanksgiving filled with joy and happiness, many were left feeling mournful as the weekend came to an end. Jamie Garcia, a beloved son, brother and friend had gotten into a car crash on November 25 and died later on.

Jamie had been a Fenton High alumni since 2009. The parents of a close friend of Jamie’s, David and Catherine Cypher, created a scholarship in his name to be given to a graduate of the 2015 school year.

“Jamie left an everlasting impression on every person that knew and loved him,” David said. “This scholarship was created because we wanted to create something positive from this tragedy in Jamies honor. Proving a scholarship that could ultimately play a role in helping with a student’s future is something that we were looking to develop in honor of Jamie. We wanted to be able to help someone else because that is what Jamie was constantly focused on.”

All the money from the scholarship came from Jamie’s friends and family, with donations ranging between 5 and 200 dollars. The information for the scholarship will be posted in the Fenton High School Scholarship packet.

“The applicant criteria consists of any of the following: heavily involved in FHS athletics, attending a community college (for at least 1 year) and a G.P.A. of 3.5 or lower,” David said. “Any FHS graduate can apply.”

Not only with this scholarship help a college student out financially, but it honors Jamie and brings back memories to his family and friends.

“This scholarship means a lot to a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons,” David said. “This scholarship represents a young man that had a very bright future. This scholarship means that although Jamie still may not be with us, his gift of helping others is still around.”