Girls and Business connects high school girls with local business women


PHOTO Alyssa Branoff

Seniors Rachel Shegos and Madison Wagner participate in a discussion with a local business woman.

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor

The Chamber of Commerce organized a one day event that focused on showing junior and senior girls all the possibilities in the world of business. Advice on interviews, budgeting and personal branding was given to the girls in an effort to introduce them to the different parts of one’s career.

“Overall, it was a great event,” junior Lauren Lenz. “My boss, Mary Rising, was also there so that was kind of cool to learn more about her. I learned that it’s okay if you don’t know what you want to do yet. You just have to pick something that interest you and go from there. Follow your gut, it’s always right.”

Girls from Fenton, Lake Fenton, and Linden met at John’s Pizzeria along with members of the Chamber and 11 business women from the surrounding community.

“They [the business women] were really nice and open to us,” Lenz said. “I felt like we could ask them anything. There’s more than just one way to get to the top. I thought that they were all very professional and happy with their careers.”

The girls were split into groups that all participated in the activity known as the Idea Box. Each group received a box of random items and they were required to create a product from the items as well as a business name and business plan to complement their idea. A short presentation was then given by each group after 45 min. The group with the best product and the group with the best business plan each received 10 dollar gift cards to either Tropical Smoothie or Mancino’s. Best business plan went to a water filtration system.

“Our presentation [best business plan] was professional and practical,” senior Brennan Sullivan said. “We wanted to do something practical that would also help people in need. We also wanted to make our product affordable and connect it to a problem that is local and personal like the issue with the water in Flint.”

Before heading home, every girl was given the contact information of each business woman and information packets to refer back to later.

“It’s a good experience that I knew would make me step out of my box and see the other possible types of careers,” Sullivan said. “I learned that the key to being successful in whatever career you pursue is to make sure it is something you can be passionate about and where you can enjoy going to work each day.”