JV Softball narrowly beats Swartz Creek in extra inning

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor

The girls on the JV Softball team claimed victory over Swartz Creek in what became a close game after six complete innings of Fenton holding at least a two point lead.

“I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I didn’t know any of the players and I don’t remember how they performed last year,” freshman Alyson Lenz said. “I just had the mindset that every play is important and to play as if we are losing.”

As the seventh inning began, the scoreboard read six to one in Fenton’s favor. However after scoring one run, Swartz Creek loaded the bases and in one hit to the outfield scored the four runs needed to tie the game six to six. Fenton needed just one run to break the tie.

Fenton immediately earned two outs after Swartz Creek struck out two batters. The third occurred after junior Devlin Putman’s fly ball was caught by the opposing team. The game was then forced into extra innings to break the tie.

“Personally, I think of my dad and how he taught me all I know about softball before he passed away a few years ago,” Putman said. “When there is pressure on any play in the game, I think about making him proud.”

Freshman Madison Carr began the eighth inning as pitcher and after two outs in the field threw the last strike that began Fenton’s time at bat. Extra innings begin with a runner already on second in hopes to end the tie, known as the Tiebreaker Rule. Putman was the extra runner and immediately started trying to steal third base.

Up to bat first was sophomore Madeline Welch but she struck out. Freshman Molly Anderson was second to bat; during her time at the plate Putman managed to steal third. Anderson struck out and the third batter steps up. With two outs, tensions are high on the field and in the stands.

“That exact play was identical to the last play in the last game I played for my dad before he passed away,” Putman said, “and I thought, ‘I’m going to make it to home plate, I have to. Nothing is going to stop me. I’m winning this game for my team and my father.’”

Every pitch after Putman stole third followed the same process: ball was pitched, Putman made it halfway to home, catcher caught the ball, catcher walked Putman back to third and throws the ball back to the pitcher. This continued until the catcher was unlucky enough to miss and Putman took the opportunity to tear down the line towards home and slid in safe to win the game. The final score is seven to six.

Later, when asked if she feels she made her father proud, Putman replies: “Yes, without a doubt.”