Boy’s Track team falls flat in competition against Linden

Hudson Villeneuve, Content Editor

In a rivalry meet held at the Tigers’ home track, the boys team could not muster out a victory. Linden won the event 106-32, taking key victories in the 4X400 relay, the open 400, and the open 200 along the way. Despite the loss all was not lost for a team that now sits at 0-3 on the season.

“It stinks that we did not beat Linden,” senior distance runner Sean Bleicher said. “but we really improved as a team and thats what is important for the future. We are definitely getting better as the season goes on.”

Heading into the meet, the thirst to beat Linden was evident. The crowd was cheering as runners sprinted down the track. One new runner thinks this is a stepping stone for the team.

“It means something to face Linden,” freshman sprinter Rudy Ebert said. “Although I think it will mean more to me later, because it is just my first year facing them. Running against them I said there is a good chance I’ll survive after and in the end I will be proud I did it. We got better by facing Linden today.”

Running under the pressure of facing a major rival can be nerve wrecking. For junior sprinter Aaron Boulay it helped fuel his desire to win.

“It makes me want to compete harder,” Boulay said. “Facing Linden you make sure you have a little extra in the tank. You have to be focused. Any victory against Linden would be a major accomplishment for the boys track team.”

While the runners, throwers, and pole vaulters couldn’t quite hurdle Linden, the team faced competition that can help push them through the rest of the season. The team heads off to Saline next, in an invitational Friday, May 1.