Junior Bri Costigan is verbally committed to Cincinnati

Samantha Smith, Content Editor

Signing at the high school level usually takes place during senior year. However, junior Bri Costigan has all but assured her place on the University of Cincinnati’s soccer team a year in advance via a method known as verbal commitment.

“Verbal commitment is when they make an offer and you accept that so basically you tell them that that’s where you want to go,” Costigan said, “but then you’re still able to look at other places and possibly go somewhere else. When you sign, that’s when you 100 percent commit yourself to where you want to go.”

Costigan’s skills on the field have helped to secure her a place as one of the top 20 soccer players in the state of Michigan.

“Yeah, she’s special,” soccer coach Matthew Sullivan said. “She has played defense a lot for us. She has 10 goals and 15 assists in the last three years, which would be a lot more if she played attack for us. She’s one of those players that does it all so we put her everywhere and anywhere we need her to be and she’s usually the best player where ever we put her.”

Costigan’s high ranking has made her a widely sought-after recruit by universities, such as West Virginia University, Purdue University and Pennsylvania State University.

“West Virginia, Purdue and Penn State made me similar offers,” Costigan said, “but Cincinnati has a really good medical school and it’s the number one growing public college in the nation. Also the city is really beautiful.”

Where other might question committing so early rather than keeping her options open, Costigan’s coaches have expressed their pride in her decision, stating that it gives her the chance to enjoy soccer and school.