Accepting the challenge: AP students endure hours of testing

Emily Battaglia, Writer

Pages of notes, AP study guides, and endless hours of studying- these are just a few of the things that encompass the beginning of May, known to many as AP testing time. From May 4-15, the months of preparation are put to the test as students endure the high stakes testing administered by the Advanced Placement Program to achieve their desired score.

“In the beginning of the school year, to help students prepare themselves for the test, I tell them to purchase an AP review guide with different study plans,” AP Calculus teacher Steven Karr said. “The books contain full year, 6 month, and even plans for those who begin studying few weeks before the test.”

While most students in the high school enrolled in AP courses are junior and seniors, the sophomores currently taking Honors American Studies will also be taking and AP test over US History.

“I am aiming to get a 3 on the test so I have been studying for the US history test for about a month now,” sophomore Meaghan McArdle said. “I’ve worked through my AP study guide, looked at some of my old flash cards, and gone over the notes we took as a class.”

There are six AP tests that will be administered at Fenton High School this year, including Calc AB/BC, US History, Studio Art, Government, and Statistics. WHile some will only endure on of these examinations, other students will take on multiple.

“I took the AP Calculus exam and will be taking the AP Government exam,” junior Emma Lane said. “We spent a lot of time in calc doing practice tests and tests from previous years. I studied by getting a review book and making sure I really knew the material. I recommend to anyone who takes an AP test in the future that you should start studying early, especially if you want to do well.”