Students turn in petition to keep block scheduling

Alexis Megdanoff, Online Editor

Today, sophomores Michaela Young and Sean Stiles will turn in the petition they started to the school board at the meeting later this evening. The two started this petition to voice the opinion of the student body concerning block scheduling.

“We knew that we needed to make our voices heard in some way and it wouldn’t be easy just having two kids go to a school board to say we like block scheduling,” Young said. “So, I went to Mr. Gregory and he told me that it would be a really good idea to start a petition and just go around and ask people if they would want to sign it.”

Both students went around during SRT two weeks ago to ask if students wished to sign their names. They received an overwhelming positive response.

“Whenever we would walk into a class and get permission from the teacher, I would say, ‘We are starting a petition to keep block scheduling,’” Stiles said. “Immediately, hands would shoot up in the air with people saying, ‘We want to sign, we want to sign.’ There were about 10 to 20 people who said no, but for the most part it looked like they said no because they were just too lazy to sign it. It shows that nearly 100 percent of the student body supports block scheduling.”

Despite the few negative responses, Young remains passionate about achieving the goal.

“I want them to know that the students at Fenton High really do care about their education,” Young said. “We found out at the last meeting that they [the school board] can’t cut it next year because it’s written into the teachers’ contracts but those expire December 2015. So they could cut it the next school year but they need to make a decision for a long term goal and not how they are just going to save money for next year. I really want to prove to them that the students here want to keep it and it does help everyone.”