JV Girls Softball Loses to Linden 11-6

Jennifer Eisenbeis, Writer

The Tigers hosted the Eagles at home on May 18. The final score was 11-6, resulting in a loss for the Tigers. During the bottom of the first inning, junior Shannon McKee brought two runners in gaining two points, and raising the score 2-0, in Fenton’s favor.

“I was proud of myself as a hitter,” McKee said. “It made me feel good about my hit and it also helped out my team and that always feels great.”

During the second inning, sophomore Madeliene Welch hit a single, the Eagles responded by getting a double play by getting Welch out at second.

“I was happy to be able to contribute to the team,” Welch said. “But I was upset with myself because I know what I was doing wrong and I knew it at the time. If I could’ve fixed it, I could’ve contributed more than I was.”

During the fourth inning, McKee stole at home base and was safe, earning another run for the Tigers. The fourth inning ended with a score of 9-6, still in the Eagles favor.

“I felt very good about sliding into home base,” McKee said. “I love sliding and stealing bases, it kinda gives you an adrenaline rush of ‘okay I’m going and I’m not stopping.’”

The last inning, the fifth, the score was but it was 11-6. Welch got a single, but then when she ran to second later on in the game, she was tagged out.

“I’m not the kind of person to show a lot of anger for a game,” Welch said. “I’ve learned that it brings the team down. As soon as I got into the dugout, I shook it off because negativity spreads but so does positivity. I’d rather suck it up to help the team, rather than sul and hurt it.”

The Tigers’ next game will be away at Brandon on May 20.