Downtown Fenton Streetscape Project conducted by Fenton Momentum

Tess DeGayner, Content Editor

Streets like Shiawassee, Adelaide and Leroy, are affected by the reparations in downtown Fenton. The total cost of this project is estimated to be 5 million, $3 million will be funded by the City of Fenton Downtown Development Authority. The other $2 million is funded by grants given by the State of Michigan and the Federal Highway Fund.

“Every time I have to drive around the construction to get home I get really frustrated,” senior Callum Pombier said. “I think it will eventually be worth it with all of the improvements but right now it is difficult to take the detours.”

All of the businesses will remain open during this time. It is encouraged by the Fenton Momentum that people continue attending the shops, but most shoppers have been struggling to get where they want to be easily.

“The construction has had a definite impact on our business,” owner of Sawyer Jewelers, Mary Beltinck said. “We had expected the dip business because it is so hard to get to downtown right now. Thankfully our driveways have not been closed like Sweet Variations and Vek’s Auto Service, so our shop can remain open during the work.”

The timing of the project could potentially be a problem because of all of the events held downtown in the summer. The Fourth of July Parade’s route has been amended. The parade will start at Industrial Way and travel east on Owen Road to Adelaide Street and then travel north on Adelaide and flow onto Caroline Street. From Caroline, it will go to West Street, then travel south on West to dismiss at the school parking lot.

“My family goes to the parade every year,” sophomore Rose Menzies said. “I don’t know if I am looking forward to it as much as I normally do, because of the chaos downtown. There is not a lot we can do about it besides going with the flow of the construction.”

Renovations will be finished by November of 2015.