JV soccer stings the Hornets

Tess DeGayner, Content Editer

Girls JV Soccer mercied Kearsley 8-0 in the second half of the game to remain undefeated in the Flint Metro League. The girls scored six goals in the first half. Usually, high school soccer games play two 35 minute halves, but this game was played for approximately 45 minutes.

“I am very excited to be number one in the Metro League,” freshman Cory English said. “Last season the JV team finished as ‘Undefeated Metro League Champions’ so I hope that we are able help the sophomores carry on the title.”

English was one of eight girls to score a goal. But scoring the goals is not the only thing that helped the lady Tigers; the Hornets also struggled to score on the Tiger’s freshman goalie, Maureen Amory.

“So far, our team has not been scored on in the League ,” Amory said. “That pressure does not help with my nerves when I step into the net. I really just try to focus in on what my job is for the team and I get in the zone.”

The girls’ next Metro game will be against the Clio Mustangs on May 6.

Goals Scored:
Tess DeGayner 1
Hannah Clarke 1
Brittany Bush 1
Hayley Clarke PK
Jessica Huntley 1
Rachel Becker 1
Cory English 1
Katelyn Ball 1