Fenton Soccer teaches the community’s youth fundamentals

Tess DeGayner

Tess DeGayner, Content Editor


Photos by Macyn Stevens

During the bitter winter days, the energized toddlers run wild in the FIS main gym. The weather becomes more pleasant and the location changes to the high school’s practice field. When children are visited by the “soccer teens” who share their stories of competition.

The Fenton Soccer program holds a camp for children from ages 3 to 9 in the spring, fall and winter and provides future soccer players with the opportunity to learn the game of soccer for free.

“The Little Tigers camp is a chance for younger kids to come play with JV and varsity soccer players,” freshman Kara Kinser said. “The girls run the program in the spring during their season and the boys do it in the fall.”

According to varsity coach Matt Sullivan, the main idea of this program is to teach everyone; help the soccer team develop leadership roles and providing children in the community a chance to become more skilled.

“The special part of leading the winter camp is when you see the social growth of the little kids,” assistant soccer coach Roger Ellis said. “As we meet each time, they get more comfortable and develop social relationships with one another.”

The players of the soccer program have the opportunity to not only help the kids to learn the game of soccer, but to have a chance to lead a group that will later benefit them during their high school season.