St. John’s Applefest introduces new carnival rides to community


PHOTO Missy Tousley

Freshmen Lexi Skinner and Alanna Stratton wait for the Air Raid to take off.

Ted Graves, Writer

Every year, thousands of people from all over the area flock to St John Catholic Church to participate in activities such as the cakewalk, rides, carnival games, and raffles. Additionally, many people meet at the Apple Fest to hang out with old and new friends alike.

“I come here every year,” freshman Dow Kaenpracha said, “I love meeting up with my friends and going on rides. The whole experience is what I look forward to every fall.”

This year’s Apple Fest rides were provided by the Skerbeck Family Carnival like last year, although there were a few minor changes to the rides present at the festival.The Twister was absent from this year’s Apple Fest, as well as the Toboggan.

“The layout of rides and games seems a little different from last year, especially how the Twister, my favorite ride, was removed. This made me disappointed,” freshman Niki Mathee said, “although it doesn’t really matter to me. I mostly enjoy coming here anyway because I like to hang out with my friends.”

While the rides changed in layout and attendance, carnival games remained almost entirely the same. Games such as the Duck Pick, Balloon Pop, and Basketball Toss all were in attendance at this year’s Apple Fest.

“I’m happy they kept the games the same this year,” local Fenton volunteer John Aldritch said, “It keeps everything in place, and when I worked worked here and they changed the games up it made everything confusing.”

The Fireball makes its descent as passengers scream in delight.
PHOTO Missy Tousley
The Fireball makes its descent as passengers scream in delight.

Aside from games and rides, food like Elephant Ears or apples are also made fresh before the Apple Fest and can be bought from inside the food tents. Inside the food tents seating accommodations can be found, along with refrigerators to store cool drinks.

“I absolutely love Elephant Ears,” Clio local Liz Hoffman said, “it’s one of the main reasons why I come.”

With this year’s Apple Fest came many exciting experiences for locals in the Tri-County area and beyond. Tickets remained cheap at only 1 dollar per ticket, food provided was in wide variety, and rides and games kept people entertained for hours. With the success of this year’s Applefest it is a wonder what will be presented for next year.