Seniors handle juniors 28-6 in annual powder-puff

Brendan Triola, Writer

PowderpuffZ_ReaganPHOTO Reagan Wilson
Junior Logan Carter reaching the endzone on a quarterback sweep seemed to be the lone bright spot for her team in a 28-6 loss to the seniors. The seniors played fundamental football throughout the game, while drops and penalties haunted the juniors all night.

“I think for the limited amount of practice time we had, we were well prepared,” said Carter, “but we couldn’t match the intensity of the seniors, and that’s something that can’t be taught on the practice field in that short of time.”

In a ground and pound rushing attack, the seniors scored three rushing touchdowns, to go with one passing touchdown. Running the ball seemed to work all night against the junior defense.

“I think the seniors ran the ball really well,” said senior Kilee Harris, “but besides that, our defense played awesome. Afterall, the juniors only scored one touchdown.”

More experience worked in the seniors favor. Last year, the Class of 2016 only lost by one point against the grade above them.
PowderpuffLexi_LauraPHOTO Laura Albrant
“I feel like since we played well last year we already had an idea of what we were doing,” said Harris,“Having an idea of our game plan since the first day of practice really gave us an advantage.”

The juniors and seniors played an intense and physical game, and tensions were higher than ever. Now that the game is over, the two classes can unite and cheer on the varsity football team on Friday for the homecoming game against Clio.